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I have learned that physical fitness directly influences mental wellness and that the reverse is also true – that mental fitness is directly linked to the body’s physical wellness. This website explores how the body and the mind are intertwined, and how by understanding these links we may obtain personal performance improvement and increased wellbeing.

Feeling at peace with oneself takes action. The icon for this website represents this: an individual in movement, stretching with mental purpose upward toward a lotus flower, a symbol of purity of mind, beauty and grace. With roots taking hold in the muddy bottom of a river, this flower emerges spotless from the river. Water may be splashed on it, but the droplets immediately roll off. It is no wonder that the lotus was revered in ancient Egypt and used as a symbol of rebirth.

The ultimate aim of this website is to help one gain not just rebirth but a continual positive state of body and mind. It will seek to emphasize the why and the how. Tools will be presented to help create repeatable outcomes. Research will be presented with clinical references. I look forward to our journey together!

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