This blog was primarily created in 2021 to gather useful content, build a community, and learn from smart readers. When recommendations are made on this site, the FTC requires that any hidden financial interests are revealed. To that end, I wish to make some disclosures.

This site receives affiliate compensation and potentially biased information. If I use an affiliate Amazon link that produces a few pennies for me at no cost to you, by the FTC rules, I would need to report it. If I post content that is based on conversation during a meal that is paid by someone else, I would also need to make a disclosure. If I receive a book for free to review, same thing. Disclaimers would be potentially everywhere, and likely be tedious for me and a hassle for readers. Please assume for every link, service and product I use that the following are true:

(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer)